Who are we ?

         Pondicherry Thulluva vellalar marriage information and service center has been trusted since 1998. This match making service was founded by a group of well wishers from the same community to provide the best match making experience to our members. Priorly this was a non profitable service center with a minimum registration fees and the fee was used for many service oriented endeavors like helping the unprivileged school students and senior citizens.

         We strongly care about the family and wish to bring them together like minded people and help them up for what we hope is a long and successful marriage.

         For the past 20 years we have been following the traditional match making service only to Thuluva vellar community where people visit us to match the appropriate candidates with each other, in a way that both the parties are satisfied.

         The internet has effectively made it possible to find the preferred life partner from any place. That is why we have built a custom matching system that checks your compatibility with other people and we believe ours is the best available.We aim to help out those who wish to get married through online matrimonial service , so we have invested a lot of time and money into this project and we strongly believe in it.

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